Why You’re Not Receiving a Christmas Gift/Card From Us This Year

We love our clients, and we wish you a blessed Christmas, but you won’t be getting a gift or Christmas card from us this year. Instead, we’d like to show you what we did with that money.

Earlier this year, a friend and fellow small business owner (thanks, Quinn Donovan at First Montana Title!) challenged our perception of the holiday season and what it looked like in our community.

We usually give gifts to our clients every Christmas, but we realized that so many families in Billings might not have presents under the tree and don’t know what they’re having for Christmas dinner, or if they’ll have a table to sit around. We didn’t feel right knowing there was something we could be doing and then not do it.

So instead of spending money sending clients a gift they really don’t need (let’s be honest) or a card that will be tossed in the trash after the 25th we took that money and bought gifts for families who are in need.

There are a few charities we work with throughout the year, and we asked them what they needed. We wanted to be a blessing to them and give where it would be helpful. It was AMAZING to help in such a specific way and to know those in need would directly benefit from this.

We are STRONGER as a community. We believe that we are ALL better when we help each other grow. We believe EVERY child should have happy Christmas memories. We believe in giving back.

Initially, we planned to release this video on Christmas day… but we’re hoping that with a few days left, some of you might feel inspired to give a little more to those who need it most. We want to challenge you to invest in your community, love your town, and TOGETHER, spread a little joy and cheer.



The charities we worked with are:

“Tumbleweed meets at-risk youth and young adults where they are and strives to create a continuum of care, making space for hope and opportunity. Founded in 1976, Tumbleweed is a non-profit, community-based agency serving homeless, trafficked, runaway, and otherwise at-risk youth and their families and support systems.”

Provide Goods

Family Service Billings

Family Service has been helping our neighbors in need for more than 112 years. Our organization is one of the longest serving nonprofit organizations in the state of Montana. This tenure speaks highly of our community and how we come together to care for one another.

HOPE: It’s possible to imagine and achieve a better life.
COMPASSION: Those struggling deserve the chance for a new beginning.
DIGNITY: Individual autonomy is the foundation for positive choices.
RESPECT: We accept people for who they are and where they’re at in their lives.
COLLABORATION: Alleviating poverty is a community-wide investment.


Community Leadership & Development Inc (CLDI)

CLDI seeks to transform lives and empower the people of South Billings to do good works through the person of Jesus Christ.

Get Involved


Boys and Girls Club of Yellowstone County
“To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize
their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.”

Invest in our Kids