Where These Will Go


Your portrait session is getting closer! As we prepare to capture your family with an artistic and purposeful eye, we hope you start to dream about all the beautiful places in your home that are waiting for a portrait!

As you’re looking for the best spot to display your portraits, you may find the following questions helpful:

  • Where will these portraits have the most impact?
  • What other furniture and decor do you need to work around?
  • Are there any specific colors that need to be considered? (If there are, please let us know so we can make sure to use locations and backgrounds that are suited)
  • What size is the space?
  • Would a single portrait or a collection of portraits together look best?

When you’ve found a place for your wall portrait, start thinking about other locations you may want additional wall portraits and desk portraits to be displayed.

  • Who else would love a small or large portrait (grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc)?
  • Are there any places in your home where you’d like to have desk portraits displayed (on top of a piano, on a nightstand, in an entryway, etc.)?
  • Do you need additional portraits for office spaces?

Additionally, we offer a variety of ways to display portraits together. Our fusion panels seamlessly blend three images (best for small families and children) and look fantastic in bedrooms and hallways. Our custom albums keep all of your portraits together in a stunning lay-flat presentation.

These questions don’t need to be answered immediately. Instead, we encourage you to take time and carefully consider all of them. You won’t be making an official decision until your ordering appointment, but planning will ease some of the big decisions you’ll be making.

CLICK THIS LINK to learn how we can show you what your portraits will look like in your home.

We hope that as your session approaches, you’ll begin to envision the power your future portraits will carry.

If you have any questions, please message us HERE or give us a call at 406-256-5555.