Spring Model Shoot RECAP

Here at Clark Marten Photography, we love to have a good time… we also love making YOU look good!

What better way to do that than let us dress you up in brand new clothes and take hundreds of pictures while you strike a pose on not one, but TWO private jets? WE KNOW, RIGHT? Well that’s what the Clark Marten crew, along with 35 high school juniors & seniors got to pull off on May 3rd! Wish you were there yet?

This photoshoot blew anything we’ve put together straight out of the water! We would like to give a special thanks to the Petric family & Richland Aviation for giving us the opportunity to work exclusively with their plane, we really appreciate it! We had an amazing group of seniors and juniors that helped model Buckle’s summer clothing line, (shoutout to Sean at Buckle) while pretending to fly off on a “summer getaway”. What can we say, we love summer here at Clark Marten!

The models were awesome, the clothes were awesome & the experience of a high-fashion photoshoot, on million dollar equipment was indescribable! We had such a great time not only helping the models look great, but feel great too! It’s pretty cool to experience what we do here Clark Marten Photography!

Stay tuned for our upcoming Fall Model Shoot!