Senior Portraits – Zach


  Walking around Dayliss Stadium with Zach, it became clear he’d have a lifetime of memories made in just a few years playing football. We heard tales of injury and victory alike. His panel perfectly captures every aspect of the field – game time on the 50-yard line, pre-game on the sidelines, and a casual comfort that comes along with spending so much time there.

    Off the field, we got to see a more relaxed side of Zach. The blue metal bar in the park creates a natural frame around his slight smile; in the studio, he sits comfortably leaned. Perhaps the most impressive photo, though, is in front of the lake. Even with extreme heat and humidity, and a fresh re-injury hidden under his shirt sleeve, Zack did a great job holding everything together with a smile.

    We had a great time getting to know Zach, and we’re so excited for all the great things his senior year (and beyond) hold!