Senior Portraits – Trent


    Proudly displaying battle scars from his new job, it became clear from the beginning of our time with Trent that he’s someone who knows how to work hard. With several jobs over summer and big dreams on the horizon, Trent was a fantastic senior to get to know, and we had a great time capturing his portraits.
    Outdoors, Clark wanted Trent’s natural strength and stature to be showcased, working with the lines of tall grasses and the bridge. Indoors, Rudi continued to work with more organic tones and textures, moving eventually towards industrial-inspired settings. The black and white of his singular portrait conveys the more serious nature Trent carries, while his outdoor panel shows a more casual side.
    As he begins to dream of all the great things ahead of him, his work ethic, drive, and ambition are sure to take him far.