Senior Portraits – Teddi Jo

Teddi Jo is a little sugar, a little spice, and definitely everything nice. She may be one of four sisters, but in her house, you’re more likely to find hockey gear and muck boots than ball gowns and glass slippers. Her senior portraits were so much fun to take, and we’re so glad we could capture all the parts of charming personality!

In the studio, she really got a chance to show off hockey (tossing in her softball and volleyball gear at the end). Her collage features game faces and smiles, surrounded by pucks and masks and leaned up against her hockey stick.

Outdoors, though, is where the magic happened. In one of the last sessions of the entire fall season, the leaves were golden and a gentle breeze tossed Teddi Jo’s hair just so, curls waterfalling around her face. Her uncomplicated style brought deep warm tones and a little bit of fun to the riverside. In a patterned shift dress, she moves playfully on top of the leaves, the images coming together in a fusion

Beyond gorgeous inside and out, Teddi Jo is an incredible girl. No matter where she goes in life, we’re sure she’s going to have a lot of fun along the way!