Senior Portraits – Maguire

From football star to 007, we’ve so enjoyed getting to know Maguire. He’s got some seriously incredible images… head over to the blog to see some more!From football star to James Bond in training, Maguire is the all-American boy. He’s got a winning smile, charm, and wit. Since we first met him as a senior model, he’s impressed us. At his first session at the Petroleum Club, he dresses up in a suit and bowtie; at our last session in the studio, he proudly shows off a battle-worn helmet and new scar.

Each of his singular portraits shows off a new side and style of this high school senior, but his panels blend all of them. With football as the anchor in both, his images with a relaxed smile are the perfect compliments.  One of our favorite images of him, though, is with his mom’s little dog, Lucy. 

We have so enjoyed getting to know Maguire (and all the marvelous people in his life who come along with him) over the last year. As he looks towards a bright future at Montana Tech, we wish him great things!