Senior Portraits – Luke

    When it comes to senior portraits, our goal is always to capture seniors as they are – to reflect their personality, interests, and the familiar countenance their family has memorized.
    Fresh off his family’s portrait session, Luke was camera ready. His cool temperament, combined with a readiness to try any lighting setup, pose, and location made such striking portraits possible. Once we learned about Luke’s interest in design and the arts, Clark worked closely with lights and shadows, creating a more dramatic pattern than traditional senior images.
    In Luke’s main portrait, the vintage trunks and cart add organic textures; the black and white lighting makes clear lines in the shadows. In the studio, Clark also paired a strong background with Luke’s orange shirt to create a cinematic feel. Outdoors, Clark kept a classic look, matching surrounding natural tones to Luke’s clothes, and using casual posing techniques.
    As Luke leaves Billings next year and moves on to college in Bozeman with his brother, these portraits will hang in proudly his parent’s home, a small reminder of days gone by.  We are so glad we got to be part of Luke’s senior story, and capture portraits that are truly one of a kind.