Senior Portraits – Levi

On a bright and clear day late last summer, we met Levi out on his family’s property. We knew it was going to be a fun session, but we had no idea all the places it would take us! Starting out moseying through and along the riverside, eventually, we all moved across the lot and over to Levi’s truck.

Levi puts a lot of care into his truck, and Rudi’s wide angle lens creates a look with fantastic perspective. When we finished with the pickup, Levi brought his other truck around. We worked around the cab for a while, and then Levi’s mom suggested he hop up on top.

BAM! When Levi climbed on top of the truck, something magic happened. There’s unmistakable confidence in his posture, and the sun bouncing around brings out depth and texture everywhere That portrait will be proudly displayed, printed on acrylic (which gives an incredible iridescent effect), showing off the scale and color of his rig.

We had such a great time with Levi and exploring places that mean so much to him. These portraits really capture who he is, and we are honored that he shared these moments with us.