Senior Portraits – Kenzy and Maddy

Kenzy and Maddy came into the studio like a whirlwind of enthusiasm and great clothes. Carefully consulting shoe choices, what outfit pieces went together, and who looked best with what, they moved around giggling and ready for the camera.

Though they are twins, Rudi took special care to make sure each girl had portraits that captured her uniquely. No two outfits, backgrounds, or poses are the same.  Equally incredible outdoors, Clark caught a softer side of the girls in the late summer haze.

Of course, as twins, they share a unique and unbreakable bond, so both Clark and Rudi made sure to get a few images of them together. In the studio, they stand strong, their athletic builds emphasized. Outdoors, they lovingly lean on each other, looking off together around the curve of the river.

Maddy and Kenzy are such incredible girls.  We are so glad to create portraits that showcase their exceptional beauty and personalities.