Senior Portraits – John

Somewhere in between the excitement of adulthood and the breezy days of childhood is senior year of high school. It’s a fleeting time, full of transitions, hard work, and memories. Senior portraits are meant to capture that moment in someone’s life, and it’s even more meaningful to have those moments captured in places of significance.

John’s mom, Annie, invited us to their family’s farm about an hour outside Billings for her son’s senior portraits, and the location could not have been more perfect.  Our session doubled a tour of the incredible property, and we even got to take a few souvenirs back (a railroad spike from the old Milwaukee Rail Line and a rock shaped perfectly like the state of Montana!).

John and Annie took us all over the farm, stopping at fields, lakes, old homesteads, and everywhere in between. After just a few clicks John was comfortable in front of the camera, and we talked about everything from the future of agriculture to favorite poets. As our session moved from location to location, John’s smile got bigger and bigger until we ended up at the grain bins at the farm’s entrance.

With a combine in the background of his main portrait, John’s smile beams across the field. In the studio, we found both more traditional and classic looks, serious black-and-whites complimented by the palette wall in full color.

No matter where this senior goes next, his kindness, enthusiasm, and wit will take him wherever he dreams.