Senior Portraits – Joey

    If the sport of golf had a superfan competition, Joey Moore would probably be in first place: he’s spent his summers golfing, he’s a state golf champion, and he’s already committed to a university next year to play the sport. He invited us to Hilands Golf Course for the outdoor portion of his senior portraits, and of course, we said yes! Joey was so at home on the green, and the images really show off his love for the game!

We walked around the course, stopping at several different holes to catch Joey in all the various locations the course offers. Whether he was lining up shots, in the sand trap, or taking a moment to rest with his favorite tiger headcover, Joey’s time at Hiland’s created incredible custom portraits that genuinely capture who he is.

Changing from golf attire into street clothes, we took a few more minutes to walk around the property’s pathways. We heard about some of Joey’s favorite courses to play on, best memories, and all the hard work he’s put into creating a golf career for himself. Back at the studio, he carried the same confidence and strength, creating more outstanding portraits.

No matter where life takes this great senior, we’re so glad we could capture a few moments for him to always look back on.