Senior Portraits – Jacob

We met Jake as a model for the class of 2018. Charismatic, hilarious, and a natural in front of the camera, he made such a strong impression at every one of our shoots. When it came time for his senior portraits, we were excited to capture images just for him.

More casual in style and disposition, we love the way Jake fits into the industrial look of the vault. An old scaffold adds a bit of character to corrugated metal, as he leans towards the camera with his winning smile. Outdoors, the mid-fall color brings depth and a touch of warmth. We love the way just a little tilt of the chin really brings his personality out against all the foliage.

We are so glad we could create portraits that his family will always cherish. With college right on the horizon, his future is looking bright… we’re so excited for all the great things ahead for him!