Senior Portraits – Isaac

Though we’ve worked with Isaac’s three older siblings for their senior portraits, we really got to know him as one of our models for the Class of 2018 during the end of his junior year. Always charismatic and in the middle of the laughter, he’s comfortable in front of the camera and so much fun to work with.

He’s a superstar basketball and soccer player, and the white background in the studio is perfect for showing off his uniforms. A little smile shines through as he laughs while tossing his soccer ball around the camera room. The vault gave a little more industrial look while still providing space for his personality to shine. His outdoor portraits were just as fun, walking through and around early fall foliage.  With a classic Montana look, the tall grass surrounds him as his sits thoughtfully and stands along the riverside. 

He’ll leave home next year to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy. Even though he’ll be out of the house, these portraits are a reminder of where home truly is.