Senior Portraits – Elle

Where, oh where do we start with Elle? Every time we get to see her and her family is a delight. Whether it’s here at the studio, the river, or the junkyard, she’s positively gorgeous in every photograph. More than that, she’s athletic, smart, and so kind. We’ve enjoyed getting to know her over the past few months!

One of our favorite portraits of her captures a more stoic side. In a soft white dress with pretty lace sleeves, Elle leans across a couch. In a high contrast black and white, the image brings attention to the detail and texture across the canvas, while her contemplative expression draws the viewer back in. The same thoughtfulness becomes a theme through all her portraits, especially as she leans delicately across an abandoned piano.

At the Columbus junkyard and edge of the river’s thick growth, we see a more cheery smile. The warm tones she wears compliment her coppery hair, and she takes on a more casual quality. Having grown up around farm and ranch life, she looks comfortable as ever in from of old machinery and the broad spread of dogwood.

We have so enjoyed the privilege of photographing Elle’s senior portraits. As she prepares to move out of state for her time in college, we wish her the best of luck in whatever her future brings.