Senior Portraits – Cole

Being a family’s photographer is a huge honor, and it’s so much fun to take all the kid’s senior portraits through the years. When Cole came in for his senior portraits, we couldn’t believe it was time for the youngest of the family’s three siblings to graduate! We also loved getting to catch up with Cole’s mom and hear what the whole family had been up to!

In the studio, we visited about post-graduation plans and summer jobs (Cole works at a sporting goods store, and he had some great stories to share!). Outdoors, the family dog got to tag along, and we learned all about their fishing adventures. Cole was great to photograph at every spot, with an amazing smile and ready go wherever our next stop was. 

From the fishing at the riverside to charming smiles to strong shadows, Cole’s five images together in a panel show the many parts of his character. His singular portrait highlights his strength and the relaxed confidence that will take him through the end of his senior year, and to all the great things that are ahead.