Senior Portraits – Caitlin

    Caitlin is all-Montanan through and through. When she isn’t helping on her family’s ranch or working on 4-H projects, she’s hanging out with friends and cheering on her high school’s team. Bubbly and fun, we had a great time photographing Caitlin in the studio and outdoors.

    In a flowy pink dress, we saw a soft-yet-glamourous side of this gorgeous high school senior. With curls framing her face and a stand-out smile, it’s no secret why this image makes the perfect central wall portrait.

    Out near the riverside, however, we saw a more casual and relaxed side of Caitlin. In jeans and a plaid shirt, she walked through the tall grasses and marshy edges with a natural ease. The afternoon sunlight dances through her hair in a halo-esque glow, and she charmed at every spot we stopped.

    We loved getting to capture this amazing senior, and her personality shined through in every frame we clicked. These pictures will always be a reminder of her exciting, whirlwind days before adulthood; days filled with cheer trips, projects, and laughter. No matter what the future holds for this sweet girl, she’ll always have Montana to call home.