Moss Mansion Portraits – Henry and Judith

    Set against the dreaminess of the Moss Mansion’s hydrangea gardens, Henry and Judith look like they’ve stepped right out of a storybook. In a debutante-gown-turned-christening-gown, Judith embodies everything about a little princess. From her red hair swept up in a flower headband to her cupcake fluffed skirt, every one of her images is like a fairytale. Her brother Henry, in sailor-esque shirt and shorts, models the charm of childhood. He wandered around the gardens happy as could be.

    Off camera, there were stuffed animal, bells, whistles, and bubbles galore. Keeping two toddlers engaged and looking the same direction is no small feat, but with four adults on set with candies and an arsenal of noisemakers, Judith and Henry look like visions. The puffy white hydrangeas mirror the light tones the children wear, and the grass gave them a perfect and soft landing spot as they toddled around.

    This tiny moment of their childhood will give them something to look on with fondness as they grow older. A little moment of Henry and Judith’s story as brother and sister – saved forever.