After your portraits have been carefully inspected, they are sent on to be finished.

Wall portraits and desk sizes on portrait paper are mounted on hardboard and pressure laminated. The hardboard prevents creasing and bending, and allows desk sizes to be displayed unframed on easels. The pressure laminate will protect your portrait from things like dust, scratches, spills, and indirect UV rays. Canvases are similarly protected with a liquid laminate to protect from dust and other particles that may come in contact with your portrait over the years.

Desk sizes are given a finishing edge, and wall portraits are carefully placed into their custom-ordered frames. Canvases are stretched around wooden frames, and often placed in the unique box frame. Wall portraits are also given the appropriate hardware for installation and display.

Flat cards are also printed, cut, and packaged in the studio. Albums and specialty are sent to a publishing house to be printed and bound.  

Your portraits are given a final quality check, and you will be notified that your portraits are ready to be picked up!

Please let us know in advance when you plan on taking your portraits home. We’ll have your images proudly displayed in our gallery for your arrival.

If you have any questions, please message us HERE or give us a call at 406-256-5555.