Family Portraits – The Wagner Family


    There are certain comforts families have when we visit their homes for portraits. Every stone is the garden feels familiar, the property has more stories than we’ll ever know, and the very essence of “home” is present. While their kids and grandkids were in town, Tom and Debbie invited us to their home to photograph everyone. In the garden that Tom has carefully curated, everyone was (literally) right at home.
    The bare feet in summer grass lends itself to the casualness the family carries, in a space that we could tell was well loved. With a mix of jewel and earth tones, everyone looks unified without being perfectly matched. Keeping Tom and Debbie centered, the rest of the family surrounds them with bright smiles. Once the main portraits were captured, Clark broke the family down into smaller poses, catching every import combination possible. In particular, we loved the smiles that came out when it was time for the grandkids to sit with grandma and grandpa.
    In the days following the session, their family went back across the country, and Tom and Debbie left Billings to travel. Everyone came together though, for just a moment, in the house that built them. In just that moment, everyone will be together forever.