Family Portraits – Tony and Amber

We have been waiting a long time to photograph Tony and Amber’s family, but little Hayden’s arrival made it well worth the wait! The family wouldn’t be complete without him!

Walking around downtown made the perfect setting for their portraits. With great textures and tones, these portraits showcase the beauty of downtown Billings and add fantastic depth. The family’s blue/gray color palette is perfect; with a unified front in various shades, everyone has their own style.

The best part, though, is the smiles! One look at this family and you really can’t help but smile back. From Tony as a beaming father, Amber as mama bear, Jordan as the doting big brother, all the way to Hayden curious at everything and giggling away, everything about their main wall portrait is just a treasure.

From walking around during their session to wrapping the canvas, we’ve enjoyed every step along the way with this family.