Family Portraits – The Ruff Family

We had the opportunity to photograph the Ruff family in the beautiful fall colors. When we first met with them, you could feel the excitement in the air! As children get older and busier, we know how irreplaceable all these little moments are. That’s what makes this portraits so important. The Ruff family understands that, and we loved getting to photograph them for that reason.

In their large wall portrait, they look off in the distance, as if they are observing all the great things on their horizons. In a complimentary portrait, the laugh and sway in the autumn breeze. We’re so thrilled that even grandma and grandpa could step in for a portrait as well!

Maybe our favorite piece, though, is a panel featuring the sisters being sisters. Hugging each other tightly and leaning into each other, there’s a precious bit of camaraderie that only comes from a sister. Plus, on days when things aren’t so picture perfect, their mom can use this is a reminder that they actually do like each other 😉

We have so enjoyed getting to know the Ruff family, and we know these portraits will be loved forever.