Family Portraits – The Robertus Family

Wow. That’s all we can say about this family’s portraits. When they began to roll off the printer, we stood around and marveled at how incredible they were. Each one handsome and beautiful, funny and sweet. Every personality is captured in each portrait.

The day we met them was in the middle of fire season. Everything was so smoky and hazy, and you could almost feel it in the air. Even so, Clark worked to restore the bright colors of late summer, and the vibrancy we know and love in Montana shines through.

Also, we want just a brief moment to appreciate how sweet Sam and Sharon are? In their breakout portrait with her head rested against his arm and the river rolling along behind them is a moment that shows the love that built a life and raised four children. This moment is just perfect.

The Robertus family is a busy family, with kids moving through high school, on to college, and entering careers, and the bustle of the day-to-day. No matter where everyone is though, in this portrait, they’ll all be together… and that is priceless.