Family Portraits – The McComish Family

The McComish Family has been so dear to us for many years, and we love getting to create portraits for them! Since their last set of portraits, they’ve welcomed two new grandbabies into the world, so it was definitely time to update. Opposite from their last portraits, which took place inside against brick, this set of portraits was created outdoors among tall grasses and downed trees. This new setting creates a character of casualness, perfect for this laughing and loving family. With different sizes, these pieces will mosaic together in an incredible wall display.

In cohesive cool blue tones accented with white, they are strong and united physically and aesthetically in every arrangement. Clark spent particular time with each family unit, grandma and grandpa with all their grandchildren, core siblings with their parents, and a graduating senior by herself. These relationships are so important to capture; families are made of so many different parts that uniquely work together and each of those should be celebrated.

We know that these portraits will be cherished forever. They represent such a sweet season for all involved – grandparents playing with a new group of little ones, cousins that will grow up together as younger ones are led by the example of the older ones, parents excited about partaking in their children’s next adventure, and all the love that happens when we get to spend time with our people.

Even though the day we met was cold and a bit rainy, these portraits are ones that we’ll always remember.