Family Portraits – The Hartley Family

Golden fall grasses – check

Gentle rolling breeze – check

Perfect location – check

Gorgeous Montana sky – check

The family all together, lots of love, and cherished memories  – check, check, and check


When it comes to portraits, the Hartley family has it all. Our time with them is always a joy, and we were thrilled to create beautiful pieces for their home. The rustic junkyard made the perfect setting as the boys climbed up and over old trucks and farm equipment. We took our time meandering around and trying lots of different things.

We were delighted by their patience and sweetness, and these portraits genuinely showcase how close they are.  Little ones don’t stay little very long, and we know that these moments go by fast. This is what makes these so irreplaceable. Every moment is fleeting, and now this family will have those fleeting moments forever.