Family Portraits – The Hanna Family

Life is a collection of moments, and we absolutely love that we get to capture them.  At the end of the summer, we got to capture a few moments for the dear Hanna Family. Their main family portrait looking over the bridge is particularly sweet as Caden holds himself up over the top of the railing, inching closer up to his mom and dad. 

We also spend a little time with some “breakout” portraits.  An old downed log made a great spot for Caden to lean against, while a little beach along the edge of the Yellowstone was perfect for Todd and Heather. We also love how bright and airy their walking portrait is, as everyone lovingly wanders down the sand. 

These sweet little moments, the smiles, and the time together are perfectly preserved in their family portraits. We so enjoyed our time with the Hanna family, and we know these will be cherished forever.