Family Portraits – The Colson Family

Turning off the highway and onto the Colson’s farm felt like turning up the driveway of a dear friend’s place: recognizable enough to know where to go, just unfamiliar enough to have an edge of adventure, and with a doors-always-open charm that comes with hugs and belly-laughs. Last summer we had the opportunity to capture John’s senior portraits, and later in the summer, we’d be working with Kate for her’s, so we knew just how special these family portraits would be.

Coming from an agriculture background ourselves, we understand just how meaningful it is to be out on the farm. The memories that are made there, a genuine care for what grows there, and a sweet faithfulness to the Lord are all values that we admire in and share with the Colsons.

Their wall portrait was photographed in a place where John and Kate spent much of their childhood; their little fort overlooking the river has more memories than can be recounted in a lifetime. On their second family portrait, they sit on the bank of a river while a new pivot works out in the field and their cherished “cupcake hill” rolls behind. Finally, the bridge where John and Kate sit is where they’ve run across, peeked over, and played on since they were old enough to do so.

We are so grateful that we could share moments with this incredible family, and we’re honored that they have shared so much of their world with us.