Family Portraits – The Birkeland Family

Right as winter starts to melt away, but just before the ground has wholly warmed and begun to grow again, some fantastic textures and colors appear. They aren’t always the most popular, but we love them all the same! When the Birkeland Family was selected for a local magazine cover earlier this year, this was the setting we got to work with…. and we’re so excited with how it turned out!

Coming with coordinating outfits for six certainly isn’t easy, but everyone did such a great job! Keeping with more neutral tones while allowing for softer colors like a dusty rose and dark mosses worked really well. 

The breakout portraits are also extra special with the kids all together and of course Scott and Vicki sweetly resting by the river’s edge. 

We loved getting to work with this great family, and we’re happy to have created portraits we know they will cherish always.