Family Portraits – The Shay Family

    25 years of marriage is certainly something to celebrate, and we are so honored that Vic and Diana chose us to be part of the occasion. With two amazing kids, careers founded in hard work, and stories laced with faith and love, it’s hard not to instantly appreciate the life they’ve built together.

    Their eveningwear was suited perfectly for our brand new set (they were the first ones to be photographed on the green and gold wall!), and moved seamlessly to one of our favorite blue backgrounds. Clark carefully built their main portrait, focusing on the strength and elegance the family naturally carries. Striking portraits of Vic and Diana together, and their children, Kaelen and Victoria, accompany the family portrait in a truly stunning collection.

    As life moves on and their children move out, Vic and Diana will always have these perfect moments keeping everyone together, evidence of a life well lived.