Family Portraits – The Scott Family

There’s no better way to commemorate 40 years of marriage than with portraits featuring those most important to you – your family. When Randy and Lynette’s children and grandchildren all got together to celebrate their anniversary, the timing was perfect for portraits. Even in the middle of blazing July heat, they look fantastic in blue on the banks of the Yellowstone River.

We stopped first at the bridge where everyone lined up casually along the top and bottom. The vibrant greens of summer surround them, adding depth and texture. Randy and Lynette subtly touch hands – still sweethearts after 40 years.

Along the beachy edge of the water, Clark took time to get a second family portrait and breakouts of every little group, moving quickly in the full afternoon sun. Randy and Lynette with their grandchildren is one of our favorite portraits from the day (behind the camera were six adults all shouting and clapping to get the little ones’ attention), with their granddaughter’s shy smile and grandson’s giggles.

As Randy and Lynette celebrate another year of marriage, these portraits will remind them of the wonderful life they’ve lived, and the great people in it.