Family Portraits – The Korb Family


    We met the Korb family on a bright summer morning in Columbus. They arrived at the old studio in the country, and we caravanned out to the junkyard that sits on the farm. Climbing all over old vehicles, machinery, and across the hillside, this strong family looks incredible at every location.

    The dark colors of their clothing echo the grays and browns of the environment they stand in, creating unity with the surroundings. Clark balanced the organic lines of the grasses with the hard edges of a disassembled combine, adding depth and texture to the breakout portraits of mother/father and sister/brother. On their central family portrait, the blues and reds of the rusted pickup are offset by the greens and yellows in the grasses.

    As we were about to pack up, Pat mentioned how much he’d love an image that singularly captured the looks of his children. Kiara is a powerhouse soccer player and her piercing blue eyes absolutely stand out in her portrait. Keaton’s quiet strength will carry him through his time in the Navy (he headed to basic not long after we met with him), as he learns and grows in his new profession.

    As the family grows and changes in the coming years, they’ll undoubtedly always have these portraits to remind them of where it all began.