Family Portraits – Joni

Oh my goodness, where do we even start with Joni?

We’ve been so excited to take her family’s portraits, and it just seemed like one thing or another (usually weather) got in the way.  But finally, on the most perfect day in all of the fall season, she met us out in Columbus with her mom and her son. With beautiful weather and a slight break in the hunting season, these portraits are magical. Each image washed in gold is like a scene from a movie.

Her wall portrait features a sweet storytelling scene, ambling along a trail. The laughter in that portrait is 100% genuine- the whole morning full of jokes and smiles. Even the pup was cheerful all the while, happily working through the grass alongside us. One of our favorite portraits is Joni’s son and his dog making their way towards the river. 

From sunshine smiles and catchable laughs, we know that love runs deep and wide in this family. Especially as Joni and her son adventure off to various places apart, we know these portraits hold special meaning. They’ll always be together in these portraits, a reminder of where they can always find a little piece of home.