Family Portraits – The Johnson Family

Ron and Karen are the type of people that you hope show up to the dinner party or holiday get-together; they’re kind, funny, and great conversationalists. Ron is a literal rocket scientist, full of stories and jokes, and Karen’s witty comebacks and quick fact checks keep even him on his toes. They’re a perfect dynamic duo, and after spending life together adventuring across the country, they’ve made a home in Billings.

In white sweaters, they have a softly formal look. Karen’s boots peek up from the bottom of the frame while her hands gently hold onto her husband’s. On the brick background, they lean in close, sporting jeans for something more casual. In between shutter clicks, they’d exchange glances and little smiles.

Every time these two come into the studio, we have such a wonderful time visiting with them. These portraits will be part of their legacy, passed to their children, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren, and we are so honored to be the ones to capture them.