Family Portraits – The Freeman Family


    With three daughters in colleges across the country and a son finishing high school, Kevin and Karen know the importance of having the family all in one place. Still semi-new to town, the Stillwater River made the perfect location for a portrait to commemorate their first summer in Big Sky Country. With bright green grasses and blue water running behind them, the family looks striking in their portrait.
    Obviously, images can’t talk. If they could, these would grandkids with the affectionate chatter that comes along with a family of six. With jokes, laughter, and occasional (and perhaps expected) quips between siblings, we were never short on hearing stories from their pasts and the dreams of their futures.
     One of our favorite images from the session was the “album cover” pose that has come become a staple of their family photo sessions. At the request of their mom, KaiLi, Kaylyn, Kiara, and Kellen all went “Vogue” at the riverside; as a black and white wall portrait, there’s an additional edginess displayed among the siblings.
    When we first met Karen and learned about her family back in April, we knew a family portrait had to happen. Everyone in town for summer made timing perfection, and the river set the scene. We’re so glad we could be part of such a special moment.