Family Portraits – The Dow Family

Is there anything quite as comforting as Grandma’s arms after a long day of playing and running errands with mom?

Sue brought her daughter and grandchildren into the studio for family portraits with a specific vision in mind. Close up images in black and white have always been her favorite, and that brings along a certain quietness and simplicity.

The family first sits snuggled together on a bench, all smiles. With a few laughs (provided by young Callen), their close up image captures a little of everything. In simple jeans and long sleeves, they’re relaxed, but the black and white brings a formal elevation to the portrait without being “stuffy.”

Moving on to Sue with her grandchildren, Clark captured a more serious expression. These are the looks people tend to wear most often. They happen while concentrating on a project, watching a movie, or just sitting together on the couch. These are the expressions worn most, and while it’s not a traditional portrait smile, they are no less precious or meaningful. Callen clings to her grandmother while Declan sleeps peacefully.

Sue’s aesthetic allows for such incredibly personal portraits to be captured, and we are so grateful to have caught a few moments that they’ll all look on with a fondness for years to come.