Family Portraits – The Charles Family

On many counts, “strong” is the most fitting word to use to describe David and Debbie’s family – strong in faith, strong in family, strong in the way they carry themselves, and strong in voice. We loved getting to know this family on the rims that overlook Billings, and the portraits they created are a testament to their strength.

At each location, Clark worked to pull depth out of the background. The Beartooth Mountains peek out from summer haze while Billings sprawls out behind them, and the layers of cliffside rise and fall as they relax across the rocks. At each place we stopped, their jewel-toned color palette brings out the richness of the pine trees.

The Charles family loves Montana, and while they still have an affection for the midwest plains they came from, nothing quite compares to Big Sky Country. When it came time for their family portraits, there were no questions that their Montana needed to be part of it. We’re so glad we could spend some time with this awesome family capturing their strength and love in the place they know as home.