Family Portraits – The Bodden Family

Family and fall are two of our favorite things. Inside jokes between brothers and sisters, the squeeze of a hand between mom and dad, and the knowing and reassuring glances between parents and children are some of just the little things that make a family. In the cool air of fall, you can’t help but laugh and smile along with everyone, appreciating breezes and changing leaves. When we met with the Boddens, it was one of those fall days.

In a jewel-toned color palette, they stand together surrounded by warm fall leaves. On the park bridge, Steve and Stephanie’s kids lean casually over their parents, climbing up rungs with bright smiles. Further through the park, we stopped in the October grasses where the river slowly rolled behind. After a portrait of the whole family, Clark captured an image with the siblings only, and then brothers and sisters together. Steve and Stephanie also took time for a portrait together, a picture that shows the foundation of their family.

As the sun was setting, we made our way to a small sandy beach on the riverbank. Goldenlight danced on the far edge of the river as the Bodden Family bands together in the shade. As we made our way to the park’s entrance, the family joked and laughed together.

Steve and Stephanie’s family is at a point where things will soon start to grow and change. More colleges and new jobs are on the horizon.  These pictures will always be a sweet reminder of who they are, and who they all love most.