Family Portrait – The Donley Cousins

Cousins are some of our first friends in life. They’re at all the same gathering, they know all the same people, and they’re the only ones who truly understand our families “nuances.” They play games with us, share birthday cake with us, and get through growing pains with us. The older ones give us advice and the younger ones learn from us. That’s what made this portrait session so special.

The Donley cousins’ portraits will be displayed proudly in their grandparent’s cabin. The dark shirts and an elegant element to the green wall and a classic casualness to the white wall. They ran around the studio with inside jokes, hair help, and quiet, encouraging words.

After taking a moment for a breakout of Shay before her junior year of high school started, we said goodbye to the Donley family. They packed out as quickly as they had packed in, bringing so much light and life into the studio, and leaving a cheerful air as they left.