Family Portaits – The Ramlow Family

When Tom, Dawn, and Cole were chosen to be on the cover of Cliffside Magazine, the manicured lawns and sweeping pathways of Pioneer Park made the perfect location. It’s one of the family’s favorite places, and there was a definite comfort they showed while walking around with us.

Sprinkled across one the large trees in the park, Clark captured the vibrancy of a Montana summer and the closeness of the family. Cole’s portrait truly captures the sweetness of boyhood – perched high on a branch, carefully surveying the surroundings as the light rolls past. We love the harsher shadows that frame his face and the tree he sits on, that still maintains a softness attached to youth.

Their final portrait is a true work of art. Dawn had the idea to stand barefoot in the little creek that runs through the park, referencing how often the family likes to go camping and spend time outdoors. More comfortable casually leaned into each other rather than posed, this portrait captures who they are as a family. The trees around them create a natural frame, and Clark used a long lens to drawn in the scenery that extends behind them.

As summer closes and school starts full swing, they’ll always be able to hold onto the little moment of summer sun.