Family Portraits – The DeVries Family

You can almost hear the laughter from the DeVries family come through the screen. When they came into the studio, they brought with them a light and energy that was so, so fun! Photographing them was such an honor, and we love that these portraits are displayed proudly in their home!

In a wall collection, each of their portraits on white fit together, showcasing all the family relationships, brothers with sister, Jena with George, and the whole family laughing, smiling, and squeezing in close.  These portraits are the perfect blend of fine art for a relaxed family, and they so sweetly reflect everyone’s personality and what they add to the family: Strength, humor, and a bit of playful moxie.

Contrasted to that, we also spent a little time playing with something a little more formal. Their denim and hats are dressed up by rich tones on a painted background and wooden furniture. More on the traditional side, we love how this portrait brings a modern dynamic to something so classic.

We had such a great time with the DeVries Family, and we love that these portraits will hang on their wall as a reminder of this precious time in life. No matter what happens, they’ll always be together!