Children & Families

category-children-familiesYour family is the most important aspect of your life. Having people you love with all your heart to surround you at all times is something of great value. Whether you are just starting your new life with your loved one, or you have had years to get to know each other, capturing those precious moments creates a timeless piece of art that will forever remind you of the memories you have shared. A Clark Marten Portrait is created to be a piece of art and timeless family heirloom. With a unique blend of dramatic artistry with a meticulously handcrafted finish, these portraits will be able to be handed down for years to come. Clark’s real gift and talent is working with people. He makes you feel beautiful right here, right now, in a world where that does not happen very often. “We will give you an experience you will never forget and a piece of art your family will treasure for decades.”