Class of 2019 – Tatum

When Tatum walked into our studio, we knew it was going to be a great time. Beautiful, excited, and with the entire afternoon blocked off, the possibilities were endless. We started in the studio, then later moved outdoors, and her portraits are spectacular!

For just a split second in The Vault, Tatum softly leaned across the bar of our old scaffold piece. This candid moment was what built some of our favorite portraits of her. In black and white is a sweet thoughtfulness (and it was even more dynamic printed on acrylic!), and captured in color is her charming smile. There’s a little twinkle in her eyes that is absolutely MAGICAL. 

The magic continued outside the studio. Whether it was in a field of sunflowers, in the Stillwater River, laying in tall grasses, or around rusted trucks, Tatum’s bright smile (and great wardrobe!) shone everywhere. 

Her senior portraits are truly special, and they are an incredible celebration of this time in her life. From photographing, to designing, to printing, every step of the way was a joy. We’re thrilled to create something her family will love forever!