Class of 2019 – Kelli House

Where do we even begin with Kelli? She’s absolutely the sweetest, amazingly kind, talented, and gorgeous to boot! Seriously, this girl is incredible. We absolutely loved getting to create her senior portraits.

With the grace of a dancer and the strength of a fighter, she effortlessly moved in front of our lens. Every way she turned created something new and stunning. Indoors, she leans gently against a chair with white paneling behind, creating a soft look. Outdoors offered something with a bit more animation; in her larger wall portrait, you can almost feel the wind go through her hair. Her sweet mom even joined in for a portrait! Them against the world, they make the perfect team.

Her excitement for life is contagious, and her warmheartedness brought us joy. We know these portraits have captured just a moment of what is sure to be a wonderful, wonderful life.