Class of 2019 – Jenna

In a light and airy sundress, ankle deep in the Stillwater River, you’d never know that the day we met with Jenna was cold, foggy, and drizzly (in August, no less)! With a sunshine smile and a wardrobe that would make any instagrammer jealous, Jenna’s portraits are the benchmark for 2019 seniors.

From a cozied-up sweaters to breezy dresses, the riverside was a great warmup for the day. Back in Billings, we spent time in the studio and downtown. The amazing cloud coverage really allowed us to photograph in some unique places which are normally unreachable on bright days. Textures from the old docks added a particular edge and depth, while in the studio a painted backdrop adds movement. As a soccer super-star, we knew it was important to commemorate all of the time she’s poured into the sport. A gray background creates something really sleek.

Even though she’s new to Billings, we know that this amazing high school senior is going to fit right in. Every bit of charming as she is beautiful, Jenna was a real joy to work with. We’re so glad we could create pieces that capture who she is!