Children Garden Portraits


Monet painted many great gardens, but few with children in them, and none with your children in them. We want to change that…

We have partnered with the Moss Mansion to photograph your children in its majestic flower gardens. Fine children’s portraiture in one of the city’s grandest gardens. White dresses are even available for little girls.

Only a $99 Donation to Moss Mansion

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to have your children photographed for only $99 (regularly $350)…all donated to the Historic Moss Mansion.

Why Partner With The Moss Mansion?

Located at 914 Division Street, the Moss Mansion was built in 1903 by Preston B. Moss. It was inhabited solely by Mr. and Mrs. Moss, their six children, and 3 servants until 1984. The house was built for a cost of $105,000, when most homes averaged about $3000. It has 28 rooms, and is 60 feet square and rises 45 feet into the air.

Today it is the symbol of the Billings Preservation Society and their mission to inspire, educate, and facilitate preservation activities for future generations. The Moss Mansion has been featured in Reader’s Digest, on the A&E Network, and National Geographic. It is a Montana treasure.

Plus, Receive $250 Towards Your Portrait Selection

Sessions are 30 minutes long, and we are giving you a FREE $250 to go towards your portrait selection. Plus, to raise even more for the Moss Mansion, we will donate 10% of your order back to the Moss Mansion.

For your own Monet-inspired masterpiece featuring your children, please call the studio today to reserve your time — (406) 256-5555.

Only 12 Garden Sessions Available

We have set aside Saturday morning, July 16th for these special children’s portraits. For the optimum garden setting and lighting only 12 sessions are available.

Call now — (406) 256-5555