“The Blended Eight” [Family Portraits]

Any time a family outside the Montana area invites us to capture their family portraits, we consider it an extreme honor and a privilege; so when Ed and Anna-sara invited us to their home near Seattle, Washington to update their family portrait, we knew we wanted to create something special for them. This non-stop family calls themselves “The Blended Eight”, but it’s no secret that they were all meant to be part of one family. Their love for each other was evident as we heard tales of international travel and weekends camping together, in between giggles and jokes.

Working with Ed and Anna-sara, Clark took careful time to find which locations around their property carried the most meaning, and translated best photographically.  After everyone was photographed together, we knew we wanted get a moment with just Ed and Anna-sara, and their comfortable closeness came through wonderfully in their portrait. It was also important to capture each son and daughter individually, and then all the siblings together. We particularly love the strength portrayed in their profiles, as they face the world as a unified team.

As we finished our session and packed up for the evening, one thing became obvious: no matter where everyone was geographically, across town or around the world, they’d always have each other to call “home”.