2 Easy Steps to Get Your $400 Senior Pictures Shoot FREE!

We love Buckle! …the clothes and the people.

So much that we’ve partnered with them to give you a $400 senior photo session FREE! Here’s how…

We have 3 senior photo shoots to choose from:

The Basic – 30 minutes (in studio). Great of seniors who need a yearbook and a few other images for mom and grandma. Typically 2 clothes changes. Reg. $200.

The In-Style – 1.5 hours (in studio and 1 outside location). Great for those with hobbies and activities.  Typically 3-5 clothes changes. A perfect mix. Reg. $400.

The Trend-Setter – 2.5 hours (in studio and 2 outside locations). Includes hair and makeup by Sanctuary Salon. Perfect for those who want a total experience. Typically 5-9 clothes changes. Reg. $750.

Okay…back to getting you session FREE

Stop by Buckle anytime before you session and ask for a Clark Marten card. It’s 100% free (no purchase necessary). That card is worth $200 off your session – making The Basic Session FREE. Spend $200 at Buckle and they will put a special punch in your card, giving you an additional $200 off your session – making The In-Style Session FREE, and the Trend-Setting only $275. (Savings can only go towards session. $400 max. savings.)

That’s it!

Reserve your session by calling (406) 256-5555, and stop by Buckle anytime before you see us to get up to a $400 savings!